Valkyrie Profile 3 Will Be a PS3 Exclusive Instead of the Xbox 360

GoFanboy: In the latest Valkyrie Profile 3 news, it appears we got our wires crossed in Los Angeles when we leaked news last month that the game would be on display at Microsoft's E3 Press Conference. The game will be appearing, but at Sony's opening instead of Microsoft's. We made the mistake in a rush

So the bad news is that we made a mistake due to our excitement about the game, but the good news is that we know the game will be getting exposure prior to the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Apparently the game should be revealed almost two weeks prior by both Sony and Square/Enix in order to start the hype machine going

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rockleex2993d ago

I still hope Project X is a new Xenogears.

But knowing Square Enix, they'd probably mess it up.

The only hope I have left for Square Enix is Versus 13 and Kingdom Hearts 3.

totetarrolord2991d ago

So a new Xeno game on PS360 will probably not happen.

rockleex2990d ago

That's why Monolith can never make a true and proper game that takes place in the Xenogears universe.

Skyreno2992d ago

it will be awesome, if could use Playstation move controlled :)

gerol2992d ago

maybe in Japan, but internationally, it might have a 360 version..
anyway, im glad theres VP3, im really a fan of this series :D

blair_enigma2992d ago

whats vp3? virtua payter 3?

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