Eurogamer Italy: Alan Wake Review

However, there is enough material for a weekend of fun for all fans of action-adventure, they are looking for innovative concepts and variety of gameplay, and not frightened in the face of a certain repetitiveness. Alan Wake is a game accessible and undemanding, with a sound combat system and an acceptable look and feel. It is certainly not an original title, certainly not anything exceptional, and it is a pity it is released some years ago.

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Will-UK2908d ago

Game getting good score but again not the scores fanboys where predicting

Hank Hill2908d ago (Edited 2908d ago )

That's why fanboys need to stop over hyping games. Splinter Cell: Conviction was supposed to dethrone the PS3 graphics kings and failed and then Alan Wake was supposed to be the new graphics king and failed. Now it's Halo: Reach but the beta looks just like Halo 3. Over hyping only makes them look stupid in the end. I guess Gears 3 is their last hope.