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Sony E3 Prediction

With E3 upon us in the coming weeks, and Sony keeping tight lipped about their schedule I think it’s time we started predicting the outcome, the announcements and surprises with educated and industry sector knowledge. (E3, Industry, PS3, Sony, Tag Invalid)

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knightdarkbox   1884d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(8)
Godmars290  +   1884d ago
The subscription service will be announced.
As well as streaming channels using the app for MLB.tv.
Apolloeye  +   1884d ago
Subscription Service
Congrats on being able to repeat what is written in the article.
Venatus-Deus  +   1884d ago
Are you pi$$ed that your site might get less hits?
Hideo_Kojima  +   1884d ago
So what?
He was just agreeing...
If I said I think Youtube WILL be integrated would you say that my opinion was pointless and I should not reply to say that I agree?
Icyhot  +   1884d ago
Maybe Sony will come out, bid a goodbye to the PS2 and add in PS2 emulation to PS3 via software update.. Maybe, but I can dream lol.

I feel if Sony wants to usher in their Premium service, it has to have a killer app and I feel that if they give PS2 emulation via it, then people will jump in... Sony will get a lot of heat if that happens, but from a business stand point it makes sense for them.

As far as games goes, the list pretty much sums up what I expect. I hope to be SURPRISED by some new non-rumored game along with some jaw dropping Agent and TLG footage.
Theonik  +   1884d ago
Besides PS3 games...
I believe that if Sony wants to have a successful subscription service they should try to make something to rival the Wii's virtual console only covered in the fee. Let's say allow subscribers to get Free PS1, PS2 and maybe in the future allow Dreamcast games too. it will add an immense amount of value to their service. Even if it isn't free giving a discount for their VC service would be a great move.
TOO PAWNED  +   1884d ago
what surprise me the most if how little leaks has been so far it is very unlike for Sony. Remember last year PSPgo and PS3 slim pics, etc.
El Botto  +   1884d ago
I am telling you. Sony will absolutely dominate this E3.
Just like last year and the year before it.

They will have the best (and most exclusives) yet again.

PSMOVE will stun people.

And they will have a few secrets.

Unlike the competition who I will not name. They will have lacking shows again because their consoles lack. But when you see hollywood celebs or some rockband again, you will know what Im talking about.

Its all glitter and glamour. Pretty...and plastic and fake. No substance underneath it at all.
BattleAxe  +   1884d ago
I agree, Sony will blow away the competition this year. Looking forward to hearing something about Syphon Filter.
BkaY  +   1884d ago
it better be good...
but only thing im looking forward to is "STARHAWK"..... thts all

viking805fan  +   1884d ago
R3 & KZ3 FTW!
divideby0  +   1884d ago
There is potential to be a stellar showing, but who knows.
Motion (like Natal) are gonna be shown all over, which I care little about
3D is what I am very interested in seeing.
XMB update and/or Premium subscription package
GAMES...show me Agency and FF Vs....
as I said the potential is there for one of the best E3 shows over
Teehee  +   1884d ago
3D will be their main focus, it's the next 'big thing' in the tech and consumer world.
RedPawn  +   1884d ago
Wow blood & guts
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falcon07elensar  +   1884d ago
DC Universe and The Agency are the two I'm really looking forward to see more of. If they use the PS Move, I think it will be amazing because there will finally be a way to have a full MMO type of game on consoles and could be a huge boost in sales for the PS3.
Simon_Brezhnev  +   1884d ago
yeah ive been waiting on DC Universe the most i want to whoop superman ass
FlipMode  +   1884d ago
I wanna see some TLG KZ3 and Infamous2
butterfinger  +   1884d ago
I would definitely...
love to see an official announcement for InFamous 2, and a firm date for The Last Guardian (hopefully 2010 worldwide).
The Wood  +   1884d ago
MexicanAppleThief  +   1884d ago
Starhawk, please Starhawk!!!
crazyclown  +   1884d ago
e3 will be good for sure!
Kratos Spartan  +   1884d ago
My opinion
Sony will finally announce that they will stop production of the PS2 sometime this year, drop the price to $79.99 and ride out the glory for that classic machine. Oh what a decade.
waltercross  +   1883d ago
I Agree, I Think Sony might stop production of the PS2 either this year or next and drop the price of the PS3.
Monkey521  +   1884d ago
What I want to see..
is gameplay of Agent and Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Sure, it would be awesome to see R3, Uncharted 3, LBP 2, etc. but those are already proven franchises. I want to see something new.
Teehee  +   1884d ago
I don't think they'll show Versus 13, the games release date is still 5 years away from now.
Hotel_Moscow  +   1884d ago
wouldn't that mean versus 13 would be in development for 8 years
Teehee  +   1884d ago
I don't think they (Square Enix) will show Versus 13. The games release date is still 5 years away from now.
washingmachine  +   1884d ago
im lookn forward to some info etc of the upcoming ps3 mmos
Sony Fiend  +   1884d ago
Uhm, did we all forget about AGENT ?
I will be quite dissapointed if this game doesn't make a showing. I might even start to consider it vaporware.
anonymous  +   1884d ago
show me the games
off topic: how will i go on without the open zone ,*(
Barbapapa  +   1884d ago
got alot of bubbles i see. you cant they removed it.
Jerk120  +   1884d ago
The Open Zone was nothing more than a shit stain that kept spreading and spreading.

It had to be cleaned up.
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Kratos Spartan  +   1884d ago
your multiple accounts worked overtime didn't they? 5 already? Guess the look is the only thing that changed on here.
woolley  +   1884d ago
All I want
Is for Sony to show off Resistance 3. If they do that then I'll be happy. I wouldn't mind them showing Starhawk either.
SuperStrokey1123  +   1884d ago
PRetty exciting but i dont expect to see uncharted 3 there yet. Bit too early still for it.

I hope we see something new and entirely unexpected. E3 is the bomb!
mac4u10  +   1884d ago
i cant wait for E3 :D
SKCShifty  +   1884d ago
Looking forward to E3.
frankymv  +   1884d ago
Here's what we'll see....
1. Agent reveal (will launch feb 2011)
2. Killzone 3 reveal (will launch April 2011)
3. Last Guardian reveal (will launch fall 2010)
4. GT5 release date (fall 2010)
5. Resistance 3 (will launch Jan 2011)
6. Kojima announces MGS Peace Walker 2 exclusive to PS3
7. StarHawk revealed (launches summer 2010)
8. PSP 2 revealed
Asuka  +   1884d ago
Would like to hear something about Killzone 3 and Final Fantasy versus 13 along with an announcement of the PSP2 =]
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   1884d ago
That's pretty much exactly what I want. Haha.
bigrob123  +   1884d ago
what i'd like to be anounced
1 A new Onimusha as a exclusive running at 1080p at 60fps
2 syphon filter gameplay shown with fall release
3Destruction derby HD 32 player dont mind if its a disk release or psn release but that would be pretty sick,
4. cool borders HD
5. either KZ3 or R3

i think only no5 on my list will at least happen the rest probebly wont but a man can dream specialy on No3 lol
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Simon_Brezhnev  +   1884d ago
yeah i want another Onimusha but scamcom is not going to do a PS3 exclusive. Only exclusives they do stuff for is Wii and 360.
bigrob123  +   1884d ago
yeah ur probebly right
i honestly dont care what console it gets made for i just want another one i prefered it to both DMC and GOW on the ps2
sweettooth  +   1884d ago
Please, Sony
We want horror games
Torkith  +   1884d ago
Come on...
I really want to see inFamous 2 announced, that would be great.
dipsetboy17   1884d ago | Spam
hecta101  +   1884d ago
They will Impress Some of Us
Come on now... It's Sony. They are known for being tight in their wallets (although those wallets are pretty fat). I am a PS3 Die Hard Owner, but I have not seen a few items we all have wanted from Sony these past couple of years and I don't believe they will appear now (In Game Voice Chat, Picture Avatars, etc.)
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   1884d ago
Extremely excited to see The Last Guardian. :)
SYSTEMS-at-WAR  +   1884d ago
Can't wait for The Last Guardian... If only Sony would re-release ICO and Shadow of the Colossus in a bundle like the GoW Collection. Too bad it's only a pipe dream... ):
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Apocalypse Shadow  +   1884d ago
games are a given.mixed in with new announcements.
sony's got the games.they got the developers.they got the game engines done.any announcements of any franchises are just a given.old or new IPs.

and with square hiding that ffvii(advent) announcement(might be multi),things are just going to get better.

the only thing they need to do is add to their services.that could either be premium with channel support like with MLBTV and videzone,cross game chat to quiet the haters,ps2 BC for those that didn't buy the launch ps3 like me and add PS MOVE functions to the cross media bar(xmb) as it's built into the latest SDK along with voice options.

should be interesting.but GT5 will definitely be a headliner.
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