Sony E3 Prediction

With E3 upon us in the coming weeks, and Sony keeping tight lipped about their schedule I think it’s time we started predicting the outcome, the announcements and surprises with educated and industry sector knowledge.

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Godmars2902993d ago

As well as streaming channels using the app for

Apolloeye2993d ago

Congrats on being able to repeat what is written in the article.

Venatus-Deus2993d ago

Are you pi$$ed that your site might get less hits?

Hideo_Kojima2993d ago

He was just agreeing...
If I said I think Youtube WILL be integrated would you say that my opinion was pointless and I should not reply to say that I agree?

Icyhot2993d ago

Maybe Sony will come out, bid a goodbye to the PS2 and add in PS2 emulation to PS3 via software update.. Maybe, but I can dream lol.

I feel if Sony wants to usher in their Premium service, it has to have a killer app and I feel that if they give PS2 emulation via it, then people will jump in... Sony will get a lot of heat if that happens, but from a business stand point it makes sense for them.

As far as games goes, the list pretty much sums up what I expect. I hope to be SURPRISED by some new non-rumored game along with some jaw dropping Agent and TLG footage.

Theonik2993d ago

I believe that if Sony wants to have a successful subscription service they should try to make something to rival the Wii's virtual console only covered in the fee. Let's say allow subscribers to get Free PS1, PS2 and maybe in the future allow Dreamcast games too. it will add an immense amount of value to their service. Even if it isn't free giving a discount for their VC service would be a great move.

TOO PAWNED2993d ago

what surprise me the most if how little leaks has been so far it is very unlike for Sony. Remember last year PSPgo and PS3 slim pics, etc.

El Botto2993d ago

Just like last year and the year before it.

They will have the best (and most exclusives) yet again.

PSMOVE will stun people.

And they will have a few secrets.

Unlike the competition who I will not name. They will have lacking shows again because their consoles lack. But when you see hollywood celebs or some rockband again, you will know what Im talking about.

Its all glitter and glamour. Pretty...and plastic and fake. No substance underneath it at all.

BattleAxe2993d ago

I agree, Sony will blow away the competition this year. Looking forward to hearing something about Syphon Filter.

BkaY2993d ago

but only thing im looking forward to is "STARHAWK"..... thts all


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divideby02993d ago

There is potential to be a stellar showing, but who knows.
Motion (like Natal) are gonna be shown all over, which I care little about
3D is what I am very interested in seeing.
XMB update and/or Premium subscription package me Agency and FF Vs....
as I said the potential is there for one of the best E3 shows over

Teehee2993d ago

3D will be their main focus, it's the next 'big thing' in the tech and consumer world.

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The story is too old to be commented.