E3: Slimline PSP coming to UK in September

We expected to have to wait at least a month or two for the new slimline PSP to hit UK shores after the US, but it turns out Sony is planning a simultaneous release in September.

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id dot entity3906d ago

Does that automatically mean that it is also coming to the rest of Europe at the same time?

SuperSaiyan43906d ago

Yes I reckon it will, makes sense, no point in just launching it for UK.

Well the only thing we need now is a price.

Why is it whenever Sony release or are about to release something they ALWAYS hold back on the price details to the last min? In fact Microsoft do the same damn thing.

I bet they do it on purpose.

jay23906d ago

This from the company who have delayed THREE console in the EU, one which was ment to be a simultaneous relase, I don't care any way I traied in the PSP for the PS3 and don't plan on buying it, a cam/slot UMD drive WITH the current changes would have made be serously consider my options, but the re-design dose nothing for me.