IGN-UK Alan Wake Review

With a first half that’s glacial at best and patronising at worst, it’s a tough ask to expect audiences to stick with it once those glorious vistas and early scenes of intrigue fade against the over-egged torch-pointing and repetitive mountainside trudges. Admittedly, the game’s unique central conceit and refreshing setting might offer enough novelty to keep more patient players entertained, but it’s a shame it takes so long for Alan Wake to find the confidence it needs to put its laudable innovations to good use. For all its flaws though, it's Alan Wake’s eventual shift into meticulously-paced set-pieces and relentless sensory assault that linger once the credits roll. It’s certainly a long way from flawed genius but it’s an experience that’s hard to shake when it’s all over. And it’s rare you get to say that about a game these days.

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