Toy Story 3 on PS3 features Move support, exclusive character

A press release clarifies that "players will be able to download mini-games that will be playable with the PlayStation Move when the new motion controlleris available." Until then, PS3 owners will be able to enjoy additional content exclusive to the platform. As with Batman: Arkham Asylum, Sony has secured exclusive rights to yet another playable villain.

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jashwin2911d ago

I've known this for a while. I'm quite happy with the exclusivity as a ps3 owner. But this really breaks the deal for a 5 year old with an xbox who doesn't know a thing about ps3,exclusivity,etc.

ReBurn2911d ago

I like to get all of the little free bonuses. That's why it's good to own multiple consoles. You really get so many choices and so much variety.

reload442911d ago

best of all this isn't timed exclusive

piroh2911d ago

when i was child i loved Toy Story

JRisburning2911d ago

and I'm a middle aged man on ESPN.

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