All Time Top 5 Controllers (Console)

A gamer and his favorite controller is like a marine and his riffle. They've been thru many battles together and war is hell. Your controller may be scratched, worn, dinged, or even taped up but..

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ReBurn2850d ago

I don't really agree with the author of the article on everything, but some of it we agree on. There are some controllers that I've liked more. I think that Dualshock is a much better design than the NES and SNES controllers because of the way it sits in your hands. It was really well-engineered. Nintendo did do a good job with the SNES controller, it was much better to hold than the NES controller. I would have put the Xbox Controller S on the list instead of the NES controller.

monkey nuts2849d ago

I'd say the most comfortable to hold while gaming for long periods of time has to be the N64's. Even today the dualshock tends to give me jip when playing games that use the 2 sticks plus shoulder buttons. Also new N4G, wheres my avatar. Screw the bubbles.....