FFIX Release Date Announced For PSN

Well that was certainly fast! Square Enix chief Tweeter (he's also a producer) Shinji Hashimoto Tweeted earlier today that Final Fantasy IX's PSN conversion was complete and all that remained was for Sony and Square Enix to finalize a date. The decision makers didn't take too long.

Hashimoto posted later in the day that he'd received contact from Sony regarding the date. The game is scheduled to hit PSN on May 20. He did not share a price. Both FFVII and FFVIII were priced ¥1,500.In a later post, Hashimoto clarified that the date is just for the game's Japanese release. Overseas release plans will be detailed later, he said.

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Eternus2994d ago

Awesome, hopefully the US won't be too far behind.

SuperStrokey11232994d ago

I hope you mean all of NA and Europe right? Everywhere deserves to enjoy this classic game.

MAiKU2993d ago

Well the playstation blog left a post stating to watch out for the release date which is coming soon. Hopefully it's a date within the month.

unrealgamer582994d ago

thats like asking murderdolls to move out of his grandmothers basement. It cant be done.

It's good to be back

viking805fan2994d ago

How good is this one compared to VII & VIII??? Because i bought VII on PSN and I rarely have touched this game at all. Im not saying its a bad game but it just doesnt keep me from playing another game.

B-Real2062993d ago

Can't wait for a us release!!

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