Pirates are the Video Game Industry's "Largest Customers"

It has become a common occurrence across all the major entertainment industries to blame loss of sales on pirates. Of course, why wouldn't they blame it on the law-breakers who are known to snag the game for free, rather than actually buying it legally. But, recently, some major studies are being developed that aren't supporting this statement, and are actually proposing quite the opposite.

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hay2999d ago

Pretty interesting results.
File sharing raises product awareness and gives opinion about it. I've downloaded lots of things, bought things I wanted to keep.
If it weren't for filesharing I probably wouldn't even know about most of the stuff I have on my shelves.

But there are still lots of a-holes who just like to enjoy someone's hard work for free.

ConnorSmith2999d ago

True Dat, I cant agree more, without file-sharing half of the things I buy I woulnd't have a clue about!