Bringing It Home Content Added

Microsoft have added the last of their Bringing It Home Marketplace content to Xbox Live and it's the biggest yet! They're all free unless stated and available in all Xbox Live regions.

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big_tim3880d ago

with the content this year. Between the 360 and the PS3, I have been spending most of my time watching the new trailers and trying a few 360 demos.

Keep it coming MS.

SuperSaiyan43880d ago

I went onto the 360 and was crying in joy over the Blue Dragon demo for starters!

Then all those lovely vids!

I turned on my PS3 and well emmm an ok MGS4 vid - I wasn't that impressed with the visuals and the Killzone 2 vid - I cringed on how terrible it looked.

Then today more content on the 360 woot!
Even the BC list got updated so I can now play PGR2 on the 360 MEGA WOOOT!!

Also this isn't the last of the E3 content for the 360 there is more to come from developers, keep an eye out for the Fable 2 Dev diary 2 ;-)

big_tim3880d ago

I know its your "OPINION" but the MGS and KZ2 videos were incredible looking to me and most everyone else.

All I know is both the 360 and PSN have a lot of content for us gamers to enjoy. Keep it coming.

Tempo3880d ago

Really enjoying the blue dragon demo as well, there's so much stuff on there made me wish i had the 120gig HD just so i can DL without worrying about space. But i'm an economist by nature so its not much of an issue. ^_^

Smellslikepie3880d ago

This is the way E3 ends, not with a bang but a whimper. :P

It's been a good flow of content these past few days, I think it would've been better if there was a big demo on the last day though

BIadestarX3880d ago

Maybe microsoft lost the conference show to Sony but they without doubt win the marketplace content this year... and last year... ofcourse...

binard3283880d ago

Wish there was a "OMG WTF" demo that came with that last bunch. Oh well.

kewlkat0073880d ago

a Lost Odyssey DEMO would of been just that.

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