Top 5 Collector/Limited/Special Editions That Belong On Your Shelf

Frag Crunch writes: It seems like now a days every game comes out with a Collectors this and a Limited that. Every Publisher offering little trinkets and scaring you with the thought that those versions of the game that WILL NEVER BE AVAILABLE AGAIN! OH NOOOO!

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jashwin2721d ago

Nice article. The next big collector's item is the starcraft 2 limited edition. People will literally KILL to get their hands on one of those.

moe_fragcrunch2721d ago

I definitely want that GTA IV Special edition now. The duffel bag and lock box are pretty cool additions IMO.

Elven62721d ago

GTA IV had a great collectors edition, it was only $10 more from what I recall.

Fullish2721d ago

I wanted the SFIV collectors edition.. but i missed out :(