Red Dead Redemption outfits in PlayStation Home

MyRockstar HQ writes - "In the latest Sony Playstation blog post Sony has informed us that users can unlock exclusive Red Dead Redemption outfits for there avatar as they progress through the game and reach certain milestones. Read the official press below:"

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Christopher2969d ago

You know, I haven't been in Home in ages and I wondered at the point of it when I was in the game. But, with the plethora of new outfits and home spaces they keep bringing out each month... people must be eating this stuff up like crazy or something.

Would love to hear from R* and other third-party developers on how their outfits and home spaces have done in Home for them and if they thought it helped to sell games.

MysticStrummer2968d ago

Why do people call Home a game? I don't understand. It's clearly a 3D chat world, not a game. It has some very simple games in it, but Home itself is not game. Sorry if it sounds like I'm picking on you, but I'm on Home quite a bit and see people walk through a space saying "What is the point of this game?". It makes me crazy. I probably need to calm down some. As for Home selling games, it doesn't, but the people on Home do. I know I've been told about good games/movies/music/books/TV shows/whatever by friends or random people on Home, and I've done the same at times for others. I don't know about you, but I'm more influenced by what a regular person says than a professional critic. Anyway... *throws 2 cents in, flashes a peace sign, and moves on*

zeeshan8102969d ago

Yeah :P
I like how R* is giving some love to PS3. :P
Can't wait - May 18 :P :P