Official Xbox Magazine: Alan Wake Review

Alan Wake is a strange beast - a great story, told clumsily and strewn with odd characters saying vaguely unbelievable things in an earnest way that might or might not be a joke. However, as baffling as it can be, it really does hold its own, keeping you nervous, excited and rolling your eyes indulgently so regularly that it simply won't occur to you to stop playing. It may not be a triumph, but it is a great success.

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Fanb0y2872d ago

Bad thumbnail pic: it's from the cancelled PC version.

I've been watching some walkthroughs, struggling to stay away from spoilers: the story twists are absolutely intriguing. I've heard that the ending's a bummer, but really, it's about the journey there.

Think of the number of times you saw the end of an episode for a TV series. It leaves you on a cliffhanger, then you find out in the next episode that it really wasn't that big of a deal. But it's about the overall journey there that's fun.

eggbert2872d ago

This is seriously the first time I've seen a magazine from either Sony/MS not give an major exclusive game a 9+.

On Topic: The game looks like good fun. My friend is gonna rent it for his 360, and we are gonna try to beat it in one sitting. Should be a fun time.