Wii 2 delay is hurting Nintendo

Michael Pachter accuses Nintendo of being “complacent” in face of falling Wii software sales.

In the wake of today’s financial report that reveals falling Wii hardware and software sales, analyst Michael Pachter has told MCV that Nintendo is leaving it far too late to reveal its successor to its popular home console.

In the last financial year Wii software unit sales fell to 192m, down from 205m the year before. That’s despite the sale of an additional 2.5m Wii consoles – a fact that should naturally lead to growing software sales.

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frankymv2940d ago

Ninty needs a wii successor and very, very soon

Nineball21122940d ago

Yeah, I agree with him on this one too. The Wii is still sellling very well compared to the other consoles, but it's lost it's "newness".

They need to really to release an updated version by no later than this Christmas if they want to rebuild their momentum.

Hitman07692939d ago

This is interesting, and I feel the same way about it but you never know they could release it e3 hasn't happened yet!

EvilTwin2939d ago

"It’s Nintendo’s first full-year annual decline in six years, but is also the third most profitable year in the company’s records.

"The main cause for the numbers, according to the firm, was cuts to the price of Wii hardware as well as a lack of triple-A software releases for the format."
----------------------------- --------------------------

Sorry, but I don't see Nintendo panicking over having their third most profitable year ever. If that's a "down" year, it ain't a bad one.

And gee, a console's sales declining later in its life cycle? Who'd of thunk it?

And does Pachter honestly think MORE people would rush out to buy a Wii if they knew a new one was coming? Of course not. So how does a Wii 2 delay hurt Nintendo, since no one knows how a new Nintendo console will sell?

akashifire2939d ago

I agree. Nintendo can still milk the Wii.

Nintendo should ride this generation as long as possible with the Wii. The sooner they move to Wii 2, the older they'll look when Sony and Microsoft release their systems.

Shnazzyone2939d ago

Wouldn't surprise me if nintendos next portable blows our minds more then a HD wii could ever. It'll keep them going for a year or 2 until they figure out what their next move in the home console market is going to be.