North America to get new Arcade bundle

North America will be getting a new bundle. After the announcement and launch of the new Elite Spring bundle, we thought that Microsoft had decided not to update the Arcade bundle. Apparently, a Spring Arcade bundle will start shipping later this week.

The Spring Arcade bundle is all about Microsoft-owned developer Rare. The new Spring Arcade bundle will include both Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts and Viva Piñata. Beyond the two-pack of titles, it is more of the same: meaning an Xbox 360 Arcade with the built-in 256MB of flash memory with no hard drive and no HD cable, but it does come with a wireless controller however. It is as bare bones as you can get, but the two-pack titles help boost the value level of the bundle.

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astar1234567892875d ago

m$ will you please stop, 360 needs a hard drive, they will sell more if they will just add it for the same price its really getting sad, keep raping the customer....