Nintendo Sales Fall 22 Percent Alongside Hardware, Software Declines

Price cuts, fewer software hits and a strong yen hit Nintendo's financials, as the company's full fiscal year results show sales down 22 percent to ¥1.43 trillion ($15.24 billion).

Net profits were down too -- the company's reported ¥228.6 billion ($2.44 billion) represents a year-over-year decline of 18 percent. Operating income fell 36 percent to ¥356.57 billion ($3.80 billion). Nintendo's fiscal year closes March 31.

Japan remains Nintendo's strongest market, where sales came in at ¥985.6 billion yen ($10.50 billion). In the Americas, the company saw ¥643.1 billion ($6.85 billion), and in Europe it saw ¥481.3 billion ($5.13 billion) in sales. Sales in other markets came in at ¥81 billion ($863.70 million).

Much has been made in recent months of the Wii's market contraction, and Nintendo's numbers seem to bear it out, as the company's hardware and software sales both dropped over the year.

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