E3 Exclusive: Sony movie download service coming to PS3 and PSP

Peter Dille told Gamasutra today that movie download service for PSP and PS3 will be coming very soon, and that the company is actively working on the service. The comment was framed within a discussion of the PSP's new form factor.

"We didn't have any announcements about that at the show," he began, "but what I can tell you is we're working on it, we see that it's critical, not just for PSP but also for PS3, and it's something we know is super important to get right. We won't have a second chance to make a first impression. If we launch it and it's not right, we're going to get creamed. So we want to make sure we get the consumer experience right, get the right content, and we're working really hard on it. And I don't think we're talking about years, I think this is something we could get behind really soon."

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DirtyRat4022d ago

A movie download service for the PSP, might actually encourage me to buy one, as at the moment I dont really see the point in the handheld at all.

Mycococo4022d ago

it is almost too good to be true how candid THE SENIOR VP OF MARKETING's interview was with such a big issue! i knew this was going to happen considering they equiped the tv out for the psp( so that you can transport hi-def video on such a small portable). what i didnt expect was a before hand definitive statment from him.

this shows that sony is starting to listen to and try to figure out whats wrong. whats really telling about his statment is that he may be hinting that the service will launch with(at the same time)as the psp slim.

Silver3604022d ago

Blu-Ray is Sony's bread and butter why would they engaged in downloadable content directly competing against the adoption of blu ray? They should stick to their vision.

actionjackson4022d ago

One of their most profitable divisions. Remember that everything is tied together. Instead of paying a theater to see a movie, Sony wants to make that money. Then after you like the movie, you want to buy the movie on Blu Ray. When you need a Blu Ray player, they want you to buy a PS3. If you notice, it's all about Sony Pictures at this point. Everything leads to it. They are not doing this to counter MS. MS will have to pay Sony for their AAA box office hits, and they have a lot of them. Sony's video on demand will be huge for them. They own a gigantic library of films. If Blu Ray wins, Sony's cashing in big time.

Torch4022d ago (Edited 4022d ago )

Sony having omitted this lovely, much anticipated, little tidbit of news at their conference the other day is PRECISELY the one and only gripe I had about their entire presentation. Well, that, and the fact that my current PSP is woefully still in perfect working order, thereby negating an excuse to buy the new version (though I'm hard at work trying to get it lost, dropped and/or stolen.)

...What's that???...why, the birds are singing, and the sun is shining bright!...

It is now a perfect gaming world.

***skips wispfully towards his PS3 with a gleeful facial expression, while enthusiastically humming the tune of 'Zipadeedoodah'***


JasonPC360PS3Wii4022d ago

What the hell is Sony smoking? Thats right they are smoking loser weed and are threatend by DLC.

timmyp534022d ago

well anyway.. nice news.

actionjackson4022d ago

comment 2.1 - should clear up the haze. They are not threatened. They are in control.

DaEnforcer4022d ago (Edited 4022d ago )

...that digital distibution will never replace retail as there are always different types of consumers. Some idiots are arguing look at the music industry...well I'm askin me what they wanna show with it, altough digital distribution is very big in the music business, I can still buy music cd's at retail and a lot of people, no the majority is still doing so.

DrRage774022d ago

i agree with you to an extent, that digital distribution will not replace retail store sales of movies, but the download distribution is mainly aimed at the movie rental industry.

microsoft has movie downloads on xboxlive, and those are movies that you download for like $5, watch them and then they expire after a while. i would imagine the sony version of movie downloads would work the same way. i really don't think that people would give up on buying movies in retail stores, but being able to download movies instead of going to the video store might be a great option for many people, especially considering that new releases of good movies always seem to be sold out at the rental stores if you try to pick them up the first week they come out.

movie download service is just another way for sony and microsoft to make more money from us, but it does give us at least an option for the type of things we want. i like having movie downloads (granted, i have only downloaded one movie up to this point), but it is nice knowing that you can download a movie and have it ready to watch when you get home on a friday night if you plan on staying in with your wife or gf or family

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