Gamereactor: ModNation Racers review

Jonas Mäki writes:

"It seems as though United Front Games have wanted to create a new Mario Kart Wii", rather than taking a peak at what Sega did, but they forgot about the importance of the controls. The tracks are way to wide and easy to navigate so that any one can breeze through them, and the bonus items are just painful. United Front Games deserve some credit for taking their own path with the bonus items, but these are even less balanced than in Mario Kart Wii."

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Def Warrant2965d ago

It seems reviewers are in a race for the hit's machine. Oh well, this is the only bad review it's gotten compared to other recent titles. Still a day one buy for me. I need my fun fix.

P_Bomb2965d ago

Kinda weird that he says he will still be playing it long after he has reviewed it, but only gives it a 6/10 for lasting appeal.