Wii Sales Down 21% In A Single Year

Kotaku: Could the huff finally be running out of Nintendo's recent puff? As far as the current generation of hardware is concerned, it certainly looks that way.

Nintendo released its annual fiscal report today, and perhaps the most interesting finding is that hardware sales for both the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS are down, in the Wii's case significantly, from the previous year.

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Tempist2966d ago

Sounds like the Wii money train is running out of steam.

NateNater2966d ago

and sales will shoot back up again.

thedizzle232966d ago

2010 year that ps3 rises to the top

PS360WII2966d ago

"Before you get too doomy and gloomy, though, bear this in mind: even though sales are down, this was still Nintendo's third-best year ever."

Yup massive drop in sales but still record setting profits. Oxymoron or just Nintendo ;)

EvilTwin2965d ago

When a "down" year is still your third most profitable're doin' something right.

Gr812965d ago

I've been thinking the same thing. It amazes me how people want to spin a company making over 2B$ as being a negative.

I mean ok, I get it profits dropped, but a company making such astronomical profits only has one place to go lol.