E3: Sony's Peter Dille: Xbox 360 not sustainable, HD DVD dead within months

Talking to Gamasutra during a one-on-one interview, Peter Dille, the new senior vice president of marketing for PlayStation maintained that the 360 cannot sustain itself over a 10 year cycle – and also stated that he believes HD DVD will be dead within months.

Peter Dille:
"With the Xbox 360 you've got an inconsistent design, some have a harddrive, some don't, and none of them have Blu-Ray, and the HD DVD will be out of business in a matter of months. Is this a 10 year product? And by the way it doesn't even work. Do they want to be selling it for 10 years and refurbishing them all for 10 more years? I don't think that's a 10 year product. You could disagree with me, or they could disagree with me, but I'd put that up against the PS3 any day."

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iballa3995d ago

Let the flame wars begin...

SWORDF1SH3995d ago

.... ms can keep havin a dig at ps3 but the fact wont change that dvd is to small for the next gen and ms have a unrealible product thats gonna cost them millions. thats why ms hope thats sonys price cut will fail because they cant do a price cut for themselves because of the millions the 360 is gonna cost them

Caxtus7503994d ago (Edited 3994d ago )

he is probably right but am i going to want to be playing my PS3 in 10 years time when i am 26?

I will want newer technology by then and i think the harcore gamer will too.

10 years ago the Psone was kicking that is a LONg time indeed.

brianodom3994d ago

i've been playing my sega dreamcast for years

Also Known As3994d ago

once the 360 gets the new chips this year any issues that it may have had will be resolved so this guy is full of it.

marinelife93994d ago

What he is saying is true but it's bad form to openly criticize your competitor in business. Bringing attention to your competitor's weaknesses should be done strictly by showing your own product's strengths. Telling the consumer how great your offering is infers that the competitors offering is weaker.

Kratosnake3994d ago

Here's the thing tho: it's not just about the fact that 10 yrs from now we'll have technology that'll surpass today's, it's just a matter of consumer adaption. Blu-ray is gonna last for atleast 5-7 yrs, there's absolutely no reason for major companies to invest in newer technologies so soon when they've already spent billions backing and promoting blu-ray/hd-dvd.

I doubt it'll be 10 yrs, but it's going to be atleast a 5 year console, unlike 360, which is done i think next year. time for the nextbox, some might say.

PS3n3603994d ago

Ouch man that hurt. I am 36 years old and i didnt start gaming till i was 26. My bet is that you will still be gaming and judging by the reliability of the PS3 you very well may be playing it in 10 years. Gamers are getting older and older people are getting attracted to gamings increasingly adult content. Or maybe I am just a little kid inside still. After all I still skateboard, surf, smoke dope, and play vids.

tehcellownu3994d ago (Edited 3994d ago )

cant argue with that its the is never goin to make a profit..and losin billion on defective hardware..who buys a 360 that have a chance to die on u from the first day u play it.. xbots always say the 360 have the games no really the ps3 is goin to have it too..and guess what im goin to be able to play it all the time..and your 360 will be at the repair shop for the 6th

Mycococo3994d ago

look at the xbox...more powerful than the ps2 but the potential for the console was seen early on in the consols life.

look at the ps2...the first games were nasty! and then the devs got the hang of it amd maxed out the power gradually over the years.

the way sony designs its processors is for them to be powerful conceptually so that they will be relavent grfx wise for the 10 YEARS OF GAMING. competing with pc and the rest of the consols.


Caxtus7503994d ago

hehe il be gaming forever i hope :)

Im not saying ages are bad, sorry if it came across like that. I meant that in 10 years from now I will want to be playing on a PS4 or XBox 3 and not on the PS3 or 360.

In 10 years the Psone (95) has gone to 360 (2005) is a long time when you look back. A whole generation in the middle.

Texas GMR3994d ago

10 years is too long for any type of gaming technology. I don't want to be playing the same game system in 10 years.

The only people playing the old systems are the ones who can't afford the new ones, or they're too young to know better. It's a simple as that.

sony fan3994d ago (Edited 3994d ago )

Hey fellow sony fans, I must report our desperation is growing right on target. Hey I know, lets keep pretending and hoping blue-ray makes a difference. We would not want to admit we paid a buncha money to be sony's blue-ray pons, even though a DVD 9 is all we would ever need. Hey lets all forget how much we enjoyed Final Fantasy 3,4,5,6,7,8,9 which all had 4 discs and many other playstation tiltes. And even though we liked the feeling of accomplishment from changing a disc after a lot of playing hours lets say we don't like it now. Hey lets all pretend the xbox will still have problems even though it is totally fixed. And Hey WE BETTER FORGET about MASS EFFECT, you know that game which is the most graphically impressive and longest, most in-depth game this year. It must need 10 dvd 9, OH wait just one? WEll, WE STILL NEED BLUE-RAY. In fact now it is the end of the world if we have to get up once every 30 hours to change a dics. We sony fans fan sure do change are inds pretty quick if sony tells us to, but Hey at least their blu-ray players seeing a huge spike because of us. yay

riskibusiness3994d ago

Both the XBOX 360 and PS3 are outdated or near it at least. I want a new one every 4-5 year minimum. 10 Years is a joke!

JsonHenry3994d ago

why would gamers WANT any system to last longer than 5-6 years with the way technology keeps advancing?

eLiNeS3994d ago

Dille Pickle breath won’t be around for 10 weeks after that interview, what a moron!
M$ did everything right with the Xbox 360 even if there were a few problems here and there, at least there standing by it. The 360 is about gaming first and foremost where the PofS3 is about pushing Blu-Ray movies first and foremost. M$ didn't force you to buy a HD-DVD player, they didn't force you to buy a wireless adapter that would be obsolete in a few years with the ever changing wireless adoptions. They have proven there is plenty of room on the DVD9 for this gen HD games. The controllers have force feedback right out of the box where the PofS3 fanboys at first said they don't want rumble anyway but with rumors that it's coming soon they now can't wait for it to come out and of course you will have to buy all new controllers, LOL. So your $600 box will turn in to an $800 box overnight unless of course you only buy one, LOL, because you’re out of money and can’t afford it. Fony had to drop there so called price just to move a couple PofS3’s out the door and now they’re saying there dropping that skew once there all gone, then they took that back and then they changed their mind again, AHHHHH what is it?!?!?!? Fony is not doing well this gen but there Blu-Ray is, I think, who knows, who cares. Up-scale DVD is here to stay. I don’t want to have to replace the 1200 DVD’s I own just for HD-DVD or Blu-Ray. The lineup of games coming to the 360 THIS year is incredible and makes me proud to be playing on an Xbox 360. Once Fony takes there head out of there @$$ and give the gamers what gamers want at the right price, maybe holiday season of 2008, maybe I will pick one up, if they drop their boring HOME project. LOL

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SofaKingReetodded3995d ago

and I get the feeling that they surf these websites for our feedback because it's the exact same thing we've been saying for months about the 360.

dragunrising3994d ago

D1ck. Might as well say your sleeping with Peter Dille if you believe every word that comes out of "any" marketing rep. With the recent price drop I'm thinking of buying a PS3 (Lair anyone?). Still...if you listen to every word that comes from Jack Tretton and Peter Moores salad tossing mouth your foolish. They all talk bs.

Watching_N4G3995d ago

What a Dille hole.

Sony has discontinued the 20GB and 60GB within 8 months of release.

Whatever Dillehead.

VendettaWFT3994d ago

he made one great point which is what Microsoft should really listen too and that is not abandoning your consumers once a new system comes out. I do agree that this guy said some things that he shouldn't have and he was taking some cheap shots, like an idiot. But he's right in one regards, the way microsoft just flat out abandoned the XBOX users by just not making games for them anymore was just complete and utter Bullshi%. Thats one thing Sony does right, surprisingly, is that they offer their consoles up for a long period of time and support them as well.

360RULEZ3995d ago (Edited 3995d ago )

blablablabla whatever

sony losers lie to their own fandroidbases about their own products ( hint hint : fake pricedrop ) ... so it's natural that they would lie about other products proclaiming them as dead.

the only "dead" thing is your pridrop, and the 499$ 60 gb PS3, sony droids.

Xbox360 Elite FTW

@Watching_N4G above : amen brother .. Dillehead .. hahahahah

iballa3995d ago

looking at your picture, i'd say your slightly bias