Gamereactor: Alan Wake review

Jonas Elfving writes:

"The seven I'm giving it is a strong one, though. Alan Wake is far from a bad game, but it's certainly a disappointment for me. It's not the playable version of Twin Peaks we were hoping for, but still an atmospheric action game with great graphics. Remedy should get some extra cred for daring to contribute to a nice trend for the gaming medium, where storytelling and atmosphere count as much as explosions, technology and multiplayer modes. It's a good sign. A waking up, if you want."

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nightfallinicedearth2996d ago

Well I think I'll still pick this game up sometime later this month, a few mixed review isn't going to throw me off. Maybe I'll rent it or burn it just to try it out first, you know.

darkequitus2996d ago

The scores for this game are all over the place. It is obvious it is a like it or don't thing.