Sony's Playstation 3 Battle Plan Isn't About Gaming - It's About Costs

Gaming analysts such as Roger Ehrenberg are looking at the Sony (SNE) $100 price cut on its Playstation 3 gaming console announced at the E3 conference this week and assume that Sony marketing made the move to attack Microsoft's lower-priced XBox 360 console. Roger takes Sony to task for this strategy.

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Bordel_19003934d ago

Wow, what a great article by Carl Howe. Gives you a different perspective on things and a bigger picture of what Sony are doing. Guess there are some smart people at Sony after all, looks like they know what they're doing. :o)

actionjackson3933d ago

This is Sony's strategy. There are a lot of effects the PS3 is having on their products. This is an all of nothing situation for Sony, but it seems to be working (sort of - too early to tell). Blu Ray is clearly winning the early fight.

Watching_N4G3934d ago

Someone info him that there is no price drop after the 60GB discontinues so he can write an article about that.

Bloodmask3934d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

They are using the PS3 fanbase to market Bluray. So they can grow their motion picture and TV electronics industries.

They have far more to gain off Blu ray than the PS3.

Keyser3933d ago

You know, considering the PS2 was a huge source of revenue for Sony it's not hard to imagine that they want to do the same thing for the PS3 and extend it's uses across the company. You sound as if that is a bad busines strategy.

Judging from the games we saw at E3 they haven't left us gamers behind with the PS3 at all. Opinion of course.

DirtyRat3934d ago

Yes this may be a great strategy for Sony, but I'm not sure it's a great strategy for the loyal sony gamers, who after all, just want to play games on their favourit system.

Cook1eMan3934d ago

Why in theworld would you drop the price of your console and think its going to be a hit when you have no games here or on the way. Sony said thats it for price drops. /now wait a month for 360's price drop and were going to see an overstock of PS3's on the shelves of stores. They did it too early and they didnt take a big enough chunk out to compete with the other consoles.

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The story is too old to be commented.