Destructoid: Monster Hunter Tri Review

Okay, that's subjective, but it's definitely fair to say that the Monster Hunter Tri demo did not accurately represent the full game. Imagine if Rockstar put out a demo for the next GTA game that had you inside of a car as soon as you boot it up, and had you drive from point A to point B to point C, and then it ended. Or, if Nintendo put out a demo for Pokémon where you get in two gym battles with a pre-set team of pocket monsters. Sure, that would show off a little of what it's like to play those games, but it would do almost nothing to give you a sense of what the full experiences entail.

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Myst2812d ago

I urge everyone to at least rent if not buy this game and try out the Jhen Mohran event quest.

SpoonyRedMage2812d ago

Absolutely awesome game, it's sad I have only limited time for now as I'd love to just dive in. It's already been played more than half of my Wii games though but when stuff like Madworld and HOTD: Overkill are being counted that shouldn't be too surprising.

Myst2812d ago

Yea it truly is a great game, infact just got done playing [which was a three hour session actually]. Sad to say I will be returning to it soon to play with a few friends, just one of those games it's hard to stay away from.

To be honest before a few gems were landing on the Wii I never thought I'd actually use it this much.

iforgotmylogin2812d ago

im buying this game on my first paycheck.

EvilTwin2812d ago

Man, I'd pretty much convinced myself that MH wasn't my type of game. But I'm really curious...