Pachter: Nintendo 3DS will be ‘a massive success’

The 3DS was unexpectedly announced right before the North American release of the DSi XL. We've gotten a sliver of additional details for Nintendo's new hand-held and expect more at E3 in the June. Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter gives his opinions on the games industry every week as part of his Pach-Attack! show on every week and this week he weighs in on the Nintendo 3DS.

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Wizziokid2941d ago

What is Pachter pointing out the obvious now?

Kurisu2941d ago

The 3DS will sell. A lot. I think that Nintendo will launch the 3DS at a low(ish) price point. They're making enough money from the various DS models and the Wii!

Suga Shane2940d ago

I'm sure it will sell quite a bit but if it is released at the same or close to the price of the DSi/DSiXL will it kill off that line of DS hardware? I for one will be picking one up day one but hate to put away my DSi and DS fat.