Kotaku: Rage Impressions: The More Fun Apocalypse

Michael McWhertor Writes:

Quake and Doom makers id Software may be treading well worn post-apocalyptic territory in Rage, but for all the grotesque mutants and post-cataclysmic disaster, this Mad Max-style story of survival looks like fun.

Some of that may be due to the bright, blue-skied environments rendered by the developer's id Tech 5. There's an uncommon feeling of randomness to Rage's organic and obsessively detailed cities, sewers and rocky desert wastelands. It smacks of a less stylized Borderlands, thanks to its first-person perspective, driveable dune buggies and shantytowns.

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Redgehammer2906d ago

I am looking forward to Rage,as well as Reah, Brink, and the getting close Red Dead Redemption. The ID Tech Engine looks great and I think Carmack, et al, can create some fun gameplay to accomponany the engine. Can't Wait!