Uncharted Movie Potentially Attached to Relative Unknown Director

Industry Gamers: The Uncharted series has been on the minds of Columbia pictures for a movie adaptation for some time, and it would appear that a relatively unknown director might be on the top of the list for the job.

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ActionBastard2970d ago

Maybe that's a good thing. I'd hate to see the Michael Bay effect hit Uncharted.

Gandalf2970d ago

Yeah, I wouldn't mind if it's an unknown director because he may be really good, and then there'd be another great director in the film industry.

Also, can't wait for Inception.

UnwanteDreamz2969d ago

When I saw this story I knew someone was going to bring up Michael Bay. I don't think Uncharted needs a movie. The game did a damn good job telling the story. Wont it be weird to hear someone else voice /play Drake?

OFF TOPIC: Why comment on this and not approve it?

Tempist2969d ago

Some great movies have come about because they didn't use a Mainstream director.

sikbeta2969d ago

I Only Hope that any-1 try to Screw-Up This Amazing Franchise with a Bad movie...

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noxeven2969d ago

I'd hate to have Uwe Boll like director. I'd love christopher Nolan to direct

shadow27972969d ago

Every great director has been unknown at some point.

Then again, Uwe Boll was unknown at some point, too.