It used to do more: Sony's flip-flopping PS3 history

ARS: The news that Sony is being sued after removing support for Linux from the PlayStation 3 serves as a reminder that the console has changed quite a bit since its release. While we have a new, slimmer version of the PS3, many of these changes have come as a result of Sony removing features that were once heralded as selling points for the console. Sony doesn't seem to be able to make up its mind about what is important and what can go. Here's a look at how the company's stance has changed as features have been dropped.

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nightfallinicedearth2939d ago

Get over it, it's old news. Sony has added many many things to the PS3 via firmware. Sure they took out the 'other os' but it's something that only a few percange of us use. They added 3D for us for nothing. They couldve easily just made another ps3 sku with only 3D in it.

presto7172936d ago

It still has so much ownage in store. I didn't use linux so I dont care about the past.

Future's all that matters anyways.

Biggunz2938d ago

Obviously people didn't care about what Sony first offered with the PS3 considering they were not selling well.

99% of PS3 owners only care about PS3 games and HD movies not linux or PS2 games or extra card readers...

El_Colombiano2938d ago

I care about my PS2 games and I love the four USB ports.