Spanking the ‘Drake’? David O. Russell on producers' list for popular video game adaptation

As Disney gets ready to shoot the fourth "Pirates of the Caribbean,” Sony is looking for its own piece of the booty.

The studio is moving forward on “Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune,” the adaptation of the hugely popular video game that has a descendant of Sir Francis Drake colorfully and elaborately fighting his way to treasure on a remote desert isle. (That's a screen shot of the Playstation game above.) Several directors are said to sit in producers' sightlines, with the unusual name of David O. Russell on the list of notables. (Sources emphasize it's still at the meeting stage and not yet close to the deal-making one.)

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astar1234567892875d ago

i hope the story will be as good as the games

whylocojay2875d ago

I hope Arnold Schwarzenegger plays Nathan Drake...

LinuxGuru2875d ago

I really hope they just use the original voice cast as the actors, because they kinda look like the parts anyways, and they already move like them...(mo-cap).

It only makes sense, and I'm sure they'd be happy to do it, no?