Resident Evil 5 Having Online Elements

Not only is Capcom pushing for a simultaneously release date for both the Xbox360 and the Playstation3, but it seems Capcom is also pushing for it to be the first true Resident Evil(storyline wise) that will feature online capabilities as well.

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THC CELL3969d ago

This is great.
its always nice to sit in a horror game with someone by your side lol

Thats if there is a online co,op

PlayStation3603969d ago

a co-op would be amazing. Would be crazy if your partner could choose Leon or Ada. Or even other well known RE characters.

Havince3969d ago

we hear nothing on the game for over 12 months then all of this info, could it be the game is getting on in production swimmingly

CAPS LOCK3969d ago

why so much emphasis online? I mean there are lots of games already that are online but they do add reply values and sometimes the devs rely to heavily on online and the games storyline does not become as good as it can. even though it would be very cool to have online co-up and multi-player online, i think that they should concentrate on the storyline more and make it as good or even better than resi 4

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The story is too old to be commented.