Top Halo: Reach Beta Preview

Ve3tro writes: " So it’s just like Halo 3 then? This was a sarcastic question heard from a friend of mine. My reply? Erm, kind of. This is true in some instances.

There’s still quite a lot of jumping, there’s still far too many people who can headshot you faster than blink and there’s still plenty of grenades flying about the place. But Reach is far more hectic than the traditional multiplayer mechanics, in fact Halo 3 is almost polite and kind compared to the brashness of Reach.

The reason for this is the class system implemented in Reach. In many of the game modes on display you can choose from several classes: Scout allows you to sprint, stalker gives you the power of invisibility, guard gives you temporary invulnerability and airborne gives you a jetpack. It’s pretty safe to say that these additions alone change the way you play Halo online completely."

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