The Halo: Reach Beta is an Epic MP Experience

From the feature write-up:

"The Halo: Reach beta has forced me come to terms with the fact that deep down, I love the Halo franchise; I mean I secretly go nuts for a new Halo, but with good reason. Over the last few days, I’ve poured 9 very well spent hours playing the Reach multiplayer as part of an early access to the beta and honestly, I’m sure I will continue to play until the minute the beta ends which will most likely wipe the dumb grin off my face for a few days. For now, the beta consists of 2 maps, Swordbase and Powerhouse and 2 playlists, Grab Bag and Free for All. There will be 2 more maps when the beta officially launches on May 3rd to the public, but over the past day I’ve had the pleasure of delving into the 2 maps available."

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UltimaEnder2994d ago

Have to agree, loving the beta - well done Bungie and another great Microsoft exclusive!

nightfallinicedearth2994d ago

Hmm I think it's the same thing like the halo 3 beta, nothing special just a beta. Nothing really to go delusional for like this tool. Relax, it's just a halo beta.

SlaughterMeister2994d ago

Halo is awesome, if there's any game I'm jealous of the 360 for, it's this one.

Shendow2994d ago

That I own more then one system, I been playing the beta and its been fun, the only things that kills the fun is people that think they need to cheat to win a game, but other then that its been fun and I got alot of videos save because all the nice kills I got.

Halo 3 I got alot of videos on to.

mittwaffen2994d ago

From a non-competitive player. It feels like they slapped beer googles on you.

-Recoil is terrible to bring the playing level down.
-AR's have been nerfed and you can EASILY run into safety from being in a wide open area.
-Melee is flawed (you can now hit the person that hit you in a short window and kill eachother)
-Nades are mini-nukes (easily pull double, triple or even higher kills off of one.)

I dont like when a game hold the player back.

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