Alan Wake - Review (PlanetXbox360)

From the feature review:

"Few games have the winding life cycle that survival-horror Alan Wake has, coming exclusively to the Xbox 360 from developer Remedy Entertainment and publisher Microsoft Games. It was announced at E3 2005, swerving in and out of the gaming news mainstream for the past 5 years like a roller coaster. Originally meant to be a Windows Vista PC title, it was revealed in February of this year that Alan Wake would be coming exclusively to the Xbox 360 gaming platform, and what a great thing that ended up being. Like the rest of gamers out there we were quite skeptical about how the game would come together, and if it would be worth playing at all. Thankfully after hours of freakishly scary gameplay and one of the most intriguing storylines (and story telling methods) ever to hit the video game industry we can confidently say that Mr. Wake will be in the running for more than a few ‘game of the year awards’ for 2010."

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UltimaEnder2970d ago

Cannot recommend Alan Wake enough; another great game for only Xbox 360 owners; well done Remedy!

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