IGN: Contrarian Corner: Monster Hunter Tri

Monster Hunter Tri is an exercise game, a work of showman-like environments contradictorily broken up into a handful of rooms where you hammer, stab, and snipe at invented animals. After patiently harvesting their carcasses you'll be rewarded with the ability to commission a new pair of pants or weapon.

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Shnazzyone2843d ago

Everything about it is just so much fun and well crafted as hell. Still my GOTY... wonder if mario galaxy can ever hope to part me from dumping hours and hours into it.

Myst2843d ago

I'd assume so for a few hours just like it was for me and Super Street Fighter IV. Though now it's simply sitting on my desk [game is still in the PS3]. I haven't really played it as much as I have been playing Monster Hunter the past few days.