Why Won’t You Let Me Be Stupid?

Edge: I’m at the start of Alan Wake, and I have a problem to solve. The wife and I have arrived at an island in the middle of a lake. It looks idyllic – although I know, thanks to the forehead-slapping foreshadowing, that it ain’t – but when we get there, we find that the power’s out.

It falls on me to figure out how to get it running and as I’m strolling around the island, checking out the scenery, and maybe poking around for collectible thermoses, the game gets impatient. The voice of Alan Wake – my character, who’s also the narrator – butts in. He tells me I should go check out that shed by the house.

That’s where I’ll find the generator. Which means I (the protagonist) am telling myself (the player) what to do, and I’m doing it because I (the player) am too damn slow ‘n stupid for myself (the protagonist) to bear.

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Chubear2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

Ohhh this is exactly what I was thinking with this game.

Right off the bat the game's TELLING you how you should feel while playing the game and in a way kinda pushes the notion that if you're not feeling that exact way then you're doing it wrong. This was a huge WTF moment for me and I can't believe all these gaming sites that totally glossed over so many glaring "drop of the ball" and still gave it 9s

The game IS indeed essentially an Alone in the Dark2. It has:

Little variation to weaponry
low grade animation
totally off lip syncs
Uninspiring boss battles
The most insane horror movie cliches I've ever seen in VGs
and is completed in about 6hrs

Now remember, this is a game coming out in yr5 of the 360 and has been in development for atleast that long. Heavenly sword was about the same length and that alone was used to plague it with 7s regardless of it's high quality in voice acting, script writing, combat mechanics, animation and graphic - ALL FOR A 1ST GEN GAME.

Heavenly Sword surpassed Alan Wake in story, voice acting, animations and pound for pound (when you consider the time frames of their releases) better graphics but yet it was a 7 type experience while Alan Wake (seeming doing similar to Alone in the Dark but with smoother controls) is a 9?

Utter non-sense in my book. It's the reviewing media's fault for making new-age gamers feel like if a game's not a 9 then it's "average".

8.0 is a great score for a great game and that's what Alan Wake is - an 8type gaming experience.

nix2995d ago

i shed a tear for Heavenly Sword there.. buddy. well said.

nan02995d ago

Hopefully it's optional, but most likely it isn't. I think it's kinda stupid, I hate being pestered by voices in games. Like back on battlefront, every two seconds "Command post taken. command post lost. Taking command post. Command post lost to the rebels." imagine all that one after the other in 3 seconds, every 25 seconds. Gets annoying. I just want to do the shit I want to.

TheXgamerLive2995d ago

ha ha, you love sony so this incredible game automatically gets a lower score, your just a wannabe, and then you what? compare it to heavenly sword, ha ha ha ha ha ha!! Goodbye little girl.

Derekvinyard132995d ago

god of war kinda does this to. if you die alot it asks you if you want to switch to easy. that is if you are a bitch.

Simon_Brezhnev2995d ago

a lot of hack n slash games does that if you die a lot

ThaGeNeCySt2995d ago

Reading this article made me realize how many games truly do this and I never noticed. Especially in Uncharted 2.

vhero2995d ago

you obviously never played uncharted then have you?

ThaGeNeCySt2995d ago

I obviously have, you can check my trophy list. "ThaGeNeCySt"