Skate 3: The Final Nail In Tony Hawk’s Coffin

Gaming Union writes, "Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater is one of gaming’s largest franchises, but in the last couple versions the series has been slipping in terms of quality. Many gamers found each new iteration dropping further and further from the standards the previous one set. Then in 2007, EA introduced Skate, the closest thing Tony Hawk had to a direct competitor in some time. Skate, however, brought a much stronger game to the table. Rather than pressing buttons to do a trick, the player had to coordinate the two sticks on their controller to perform the stunt. The story was also very "back to basics", meaning no "skate ranch" in the middle of LA, no driving vehicles, just skating. Another things Skate did over Tony Hawk was to allow players to upload videos of themselves onto EA's servers to share recorded video between them. A challenger had approached."

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JDouglasGU2849d ago

skate is a much better franchise these days.

Kyll2849d ago

I got the last Tony Hawk, but as a gift thankfully xD

mephman2849d ago

I think there is possibly some life still left in the Tony Hawk brand, but they really need to move away from the gimmicks and actually concentrate on skating.

gcolley2849d ago

no need, we have skate, why on earth would anyone give them another cent?

lukejames11112849d ago

Tony Hawk fell off after Pro Skater 3

Biggunz2849d ago

I think Skate 2 was the nail.

Gunner_Ali2849d ago

tony hawk has not been revelant this gen as to the ps2 and ps1 days they ruled but not innovating this gen has let EA take the skating genre this gen skate 2 was awesome

dangert122849d ago

haven't you seen the board that they said will be used in over games that hasant but yeah pro skater 2 was the 1

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