Shane Kim on the Xbox 360 price drop

Around noon today, 1UP sat down with Shane Kim, corporate VP at Microsoft Game Studios to chat about his company's presence at this year's E3 and press him on what Microsoft's planning going forward. A number of people have asked Microsoft for a response to the PlayStation 3 price drop -- but, more importantly, when is Microsoft planning the same thing? Kim doesn't spell out a price drop in 2007, but he said this holiday is very important for Xbox 360 to win, and the company needs to move toward a mass-market price; Kim admits $300 and $350 aren't mass-market. Sounds like it's coming soon.

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SofaKingReetodded4026d ago

the 3fixme is nothing but an overpriced Wii without the wand.

Also Known As4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

can you imagine if they make the pro $250 and the core $200, ps3 will be dead for sure.

can a brotha get sum bubbles please?

Mycococo4026d ago

he sounded kind of worried about sony. that was a weird vibe to get from microsoft. it was a deffinite hint at the fact they know ps3 is chasing them in the water and that they need to win this holiday inorder for them to lower the price by getting enough mony to make it possible.

DG4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

They just got rid of their lower end model. Ill buy one when it hits $300 and mainly for the BR player. Or not if MS hurries the F. up and brings HD downloads to Canada.

Bloodmask4026d ago

it will put 360s starting price ar $199 making it cheaper than the Wii.

I think this is what they will do sometime this year. The PS2 sold 75% of it's units at that price. I expect it could be the same for 360.

History has shown that price is an important driving factor. Just look at the Wii and DS. Once 360 reaches this $199 pricepoint is when it will really take off.

power of Green 4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

Why give a date when people would wait.

#1 I don't visit Wii threads because i not intrested in it so why are you in here giving you pointless opinion no one gives a flying fuc what your PS-fee fanboy ass thinks.

I wonder is all this PS3 price cut mix up has somthing to do with Sony fearing MS price cut. MS could wipe out the PS3 they need to cut the price i'm thinking Xmas despite what they say Halo 3/GTA/Price-cut.

004026d ago

I said give ME a date.

And also was that dericted(sp I think) at me?

dale14026d ago

get the hardware right as recall will be next on the list never mind price drop
1 billion will look small if a recall comes there way the consumer heres the storys now they no the facts,mud sticks as they say so xbox360 has to be right or its more bad press and you can,t even give them away then.

FeralPhoenix4026d ago

Bro, I don't think you even like the 360 so why would you care if they fix it or not? Also they are fixing them, they've implemented changes to the board, adding heatsinks for those that need to be repaired, and have a 3 yr warranty. So yeah they're addressing the problem just like Sony fixed the PS2's drives that were defective. The question still remains, why do you care?

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