Now Gamer: Alan Wake Review

It’s not breaking the new ground some of us had hoped for, but Alan Wake is an enjoyable, technically impressive slice of psychological horror for your 360. While it sometimes veers more towards Garth Marenghi than Stephen King, the bits it gets right just about outweigh the lesser, ill-judged moments, and the experience eventually pulls together into a reasonably compelling adventure. Not a bad game by any account, but an also-ran under the wider umbrella of survival-horror.

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ablecain2993d ago

Now Gamer is one of my most trusted review sites. They usually put up very fair, well-written reviews. I've watched a bit of this game being played on JTV, and unfortunately it looks pretty dull. I don't really like the flashlight mechanic, either

Lightel0s2993d ago

i dont like nowgamers reviews....