Lens of Truth: Dead To Rights Retribution Head2Head

Lens of Truth writes, " In this Head2Head the Lens of Truth takes a look at Dead to Rights: Retribution. Powered by Play N Trade, Oviedo FL. this Head2Head has a lot of bite, with a side of blood, violence, salty language, and your typical rogue cop. Grab your sensor button and watch the video, then read on for an in depth analysis."

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nightfallinicedearth2846d ago

The 360 versions looks way darker(not in a good way) then the ps3, specially the last picture.

Christopher2845d ago

Yeah, it's darker and causes a lot of the detail to be hidden. Both have the same level of texture detail it seems, just the PS3 version lights them up better, especially background detail.

Best part was the intro part of the video where one of the H2H guys does the 'bleeping' for cuss words, though.

jjesso19932846d ago

pictures look wierd i been playing it on 360 but i have not notice it beening that dark

evildeli2846d ago

I like the style of this game. Looks cool.

Sea_Man2845d ago

Ps3 wins for sure, but this game actually looks good.

Kuzo2845d ago

I like how dark the game is, but the Xbox 360 is just too dark. I'll take the ps3.

RudeSole Devil2845d ago

Not even close the PS3 looks so much worse.

PirateThom2845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

Lens of Truth disagree.

In fact, they say the PS3 version is the best of the two. You should read the article.

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