Lost Odyssey Impressions

I really wanted this game to be fantastic. Take most of the previous Final Fantasy crew-Hironobu Sakaguchi, Nobuo Uematsu especially, but even manga artist Takehiko Inoue and former Square employees-and throw in the Unreal Engine 3, bake for a couple years, and what should you come out with? In theory, a revolutionary RPG. In practice? A "Final Fantasy" game for the Xbox 360. Which is, I think, okay in the end.

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Bloodmask3998d ago

And for the previewer to say this game pretty much "is" Final Fantasy is one of the biggest compliments I think anyone could give it.

fjtorres3997d ago (Edited 3997d ago ) go with Blue Dragon, his traditional JRPG...
That and his reputation had me interested.
Then I played the Blue Dragon demo.
Good grief!
People *like* this stuff?

Have they ever played a modern rpg at all? Sorry, but after two KOTORS, Jade Empire, two Elder Scrolls, and a whole bunch of action-rpgs I have no patience for this ritualized linear-to-the-hilt...stuff.
If I want stylized combat, I'll play chess, thank you very much.

I had hopes that the japanese developers could see beyond their shores to use what western rpgs bring to the table but it sounds like they remain as insular as ever, shoveling out the same combat schemes (or minimal variants), liner stories, and pop up random monsters...
(Uh, its supposed to be *role* playing? As in *you* are the protagonist? This stuff is more like riding shotgun on somebody else's story...)
This report makes it sound like Lost Odyssey is running a very similar combat system to Blue Dragon, following similar philosophies, only with slightly less cartoony but character designs. In other words, a sheep in wolf's clothing.
To hear this on the same day I saw a demo of a truly intriguing and hellishly innovative and ambitious fight system in Fable 2 (which likely won't reach production because it is so ambitious) is a real downer. Lost Odyssey looks good. The premise is intriguing. The character designs are not offensive. The voice acting even sounded good. But if underneath it lies yet another tired jrpg...
Thankfully Mass Effect is a trilogy. :-)
(And Morrowind is backwards compatible now. Clunky graphics or not, it is still light years ahead of the JRPGs...)
Anybody that likes jrpgs, good health and have whatever fun you can extract from this. Me, I'll look for mine elsewhere.
Lost Odyssey, count me out.

Hopefully UBISOFT's Naruto will offer a better blend of east and west rpg gaming...