Gamasutra Interview: Krome Studios On The Creation Of Game Room

Microsoft's Game Room for Xbox Live Arcade is a leap into the legal age of emulation -- for years, people have been illegally playing ROM files of old Arcade games over the internet with little thought on where they come from, or who owned the rights to them.

Although there have been PC services like GameTap offering legal play of classic titles, Game Room changed this for consoles at the end of March 2010, with over 30 titles with the promise of new games getting released each week thereafter. While there has been a delay, the next batch of Game Room titles will hit this Wednesday.

We got in contact with Lead Designer Dan Hooley and Lead Arcade Board Technician Barry Jones from Krome Studios, the Australian developer behind the Game Room, to see what their background in Arcade machines were, and what we can expect from the service in the future.

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