IGN: Super Mario Galaxy 2 Updated Hands-On

It's pretty obvious right from the start that Nintendo's targeting Super Mario Galaxy 2 to the "new" audience it's attracted with New Super Mario Bros. Wii. There's a good percentage of gamers who've jumped into last year's game as their first Super Mario adventure since the original old-school designs on the NES and Super NES, and judging by the way the game opens Nintendo wants to ensure that those gamers are weaned into the 3D experience.

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eagle212906d ago

Nintendo is about to solidify my deep down feelings: that Wii has been my overall favorite console this generation. Shhhh, don't tell :)

tunaks12906d ago

cant wait!
There should be more 3d platformers!

EvilTwin2906d ago

I'm all for more 2D sections. Bring 'em on. I had resolved myself to restricting my gaming budget, and not buying anything before Other M drops. But between this and MH:Tri, it's not easy, lol.