HookedGamers review: Wings of Prey

HookedGamers writes: "World War II has intrigued me ever since I was a kid. The stories of how both sides in that conflict introduced new technologies, tactics and strategies are enough to keep anyone with a strategic and analytical mind occupied for years, if not their entire lives. It is one of those wars that, if it weren't for the tragic losses and wanton destruction, inspires generals - armchair and otherwise - to reconsider what they know about war. New to the list of strategic goals was Air Superiority. Whereas in World War I warplanes played a minor but intriguing role, aerial combat really came into its own during World War II. This new era, dominated by planes with illustrious names such as Messerschmitt, Stuka and Spitfire, is where you will find yourself in Gaijin's flight simulator Wings of Prey."

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