Exclusive: Yuji Naka's New Bird

Yuji Naka will always be known as one of the original creators of Sonic the Hedgehog, but his Japanese-headquartered independent development studio Prope (Let's Tap), which he founded after leaving Sega in 2006, continues to create new games.

The company's newest release is a DS, Wii, and Windows Mobile title called Ivy the Kiwi?. This week, XSEED announced it is publishing the game in the U.S. for the two Nintendo platforms.

Gamasutra got a chance to speak to Naka about the inspiration behind Ivy, the current state of Prope, and gauge Naka's thoughts on the current state of the character action genre he helped popularize -- including an update on the state of Prope's "Sonic-like" platform game.

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