Australia not getting a PlayStation 3 price cut either

Few days ago Sony cut the price of the PlayStation 3 to $499 US ($576 AUD) in America. It was expected that Sony UK and Sony Australia would follow suit, though it has been revealed that Europe will instead be receiving a PlayStation 3 bundle. And, according to Screenplay, the same is true for Australia.

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Bloodmask3841d ago

Sony is mainly worried about an increase in American sales. Seeing as how Europe, Japan, and now Australia don't receive the price cut.

I guess that makes sense bc that is where 360 sales are the strongest.

360RULEZ3841d ago

Sony doesnt care about their fanboytards.

HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA .. poor sony droids .. they were all happy and cute holding hands together yesterday.

Reality check sony droids : like always, Sony has been lying to you. in fact SONY HATES YOU.


sony fans :


Bathyj3841d ago

Obviously this story is of no concern to you, so why not go see how long you can hold your breath under water, ok?

Yes this is another case of Australia being shafted while USA gets the best deal,BUT, thats the way it always is, so we're hardly surprised.

The facts are, at the moment it costs A$1000 for a PS3 and one controller. When the deal kicks in it will be $1000 and you get RFoM and Motorstorm (the 2 games everyone buys) plus a controller. Thats $280 value thrown in for nothing so while its not ideal its no little thing either.

And keep in mind its only been out for 3 months here, so dont be to greedy.

ta1snake3841d ago

Well, i'm Aussie and that's not surprise at all. But darn...

radzy3841d ago

ps3 costs in sydney about $1000 aud . with a price cut it will cost about $900. not much difference. sony is a bloody rip off. i can buy a car instead for crying out loud.

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