Gametrailers | Alan Wake Review

Long in development and bearing a strong pedigree, Alan Wake is finally here, but has the wait been worth it? Find out in the official GameTrailers review.

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Natsu X FairyTail2999d ago

The Game Sounds like a Solid Horror Game. There's free DLC coming out right after It's release so it'll expand the game for a while. I know rememdy will work Even Harder for Alan Wake 2.

Kleptic2999d ago

why did you capitalize 'Even Harder', pervert?

Does seem like a great game despite mixed reviews...the score for the game in the review didn't really reflect what he was saying though. Not saying 8.6 is a bad score, but he made the game sound like a nearly perfect action game throughout the video...

nightfallinicedearth2999d ago

"Make no mistake, the game is linear."
Well That's a little depressing :(

Chubear2999d ago

Interesting, 5-6 hr single player experience. Uhm, wasn't a big problem for a game like Heavenly Sword so I'm sure it won't be for this game for 360fans