Sony ‘not camera-shy’ as MS bans Natal snaps

Rob Crossley writes.
"With motion control needing faith from the masses, Sony is keen to show there’s no smoke and mirrors"

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ThatCanadianGuy2664d ago

I don't know why MS is so terrified to show off anything of Natal.
I mean, surely it does everything they've promised no? Why not show it off?

All i've seen is variations of that stupid red ball game (don't lie, you know it sucks) If that's Microsoft's kiler App for Natal..eesh, no wonder they are hiding it!

El_Colombiano2663d ago

I believe that if Natal was up to snuff compared to how they are marketing it that Microsoft would be showing it at every possible chance. I smell something fishy here...

Sexius Maximus2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

They could just be waiting for E3. I'm guessing they don't have a lot bombs to drop this E3, so they may just be holding back to have SOMETHING to show.

Mr_Bun2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

If they needed filler for E3, you would think that they wouldn't be allowing Gears 3 footage either

Sexius Maximus2663d ago

Oh, I hear ya. But everybody has a good idea about what Gears 3 will be like, so they don't need to hide it. But I think MS may have a surprise or two with Natal. I could be very wrong, but I expect to see something new at E3 regarding Natal.

doG_beLIEfs2663d ago

I am a PS3 only owner, been a PS fan since the launch of the PSX back in '95. I do believe that MS has at least ONE bombshell to announce with Natal. I think they are purposely holding back NEW information on Natal to make as BIG a splash as possible with their night b4 Natal E3 event. They will have a couple of really fun unique gaming experiences to show off Natal.

If they don't have much to show, then they are going to look awfully silly with the Natal only Pre E3 showing...and MS is not stupid, they know how to spend money and they know what they are doing.

I am really curious to see how much more robust and advanced Natal is from the Eye toy and PS eye.

IMO...Move is the BEST of both worlds, it combines portions of Natal with facial recognition and voice control (via software) and has the ability to use augmented reality to really put the player in the game. Of course you have BY FAR the most accurate, lag free, 1x1 control to with the Move controller.

No doubt about excitement level for E3 2010 is the highest it has ever been except for console unveiling years.


fr0sty2663d ago

If they were holding back some big bombshell for e3... then why are they not allowing cameras in AT e3?

There's one reason and one reason only that they do not allow you to film natal. LAG. They know that natal has an inherent lag that cannot be avoided (the same lag you see when move draws a sword in your hand, in both cases because they have to wait for the video signal in order to do anything. when move is operating without the augmented reality aspect of it, there is no lag just like with wii motion plus). They know that if they let cameras in, the comparisons with move showcasing natal's lag will be non stop throughout e3 damaging the impact they hoped to have with it. so, instead, they're only allowing a select group to play it without cameras. and i swear, if i get there and see red balls flying around, i'm turning around and walking back out.

darthv722663d ago

for kicks and giggles, last night i did some searching and reading about the 95 CES time when Atari showed off a VR headset and Sega also had a VR headset. Suffice it to say...neither ever made it out of demo phase but they both proclaimed the future was VR headtracking motion control even back then.

Fast forward and the only one to really do anything with the motion is nintendo and now you got the other two wanting part of it. Both are probably waaaay past the phase the jag and genesis VR helmets were in to end up scrapping them.

I have my hopes up (which i rarely ever do) that they will both wow the crowd. Sony is being more open which is both good and bad as with the openness comes criticism. Same will happen with natal but MS is at least limiting the exposure to direct feedback to themselves instead of it being showcased for everyone to see.

Once the smoke settles, I am betting they will release the highlights of their presentation/demos and for sony...well it will just all be out there. good and bad.

gaffyh2663d ago

While it may have issues, the way MS has marketed Natal really does show it as a revolutionary tech, although that isn't necessarily true. Whether it is successful depends on the price and how many people buy that marketing, and I have a feeling a LOT of people will.

The Move demo with SOCOM kinda makes me want to get one. Haven't seen any game for Natal that I think I would like, also I don't really have any room for it because my Xbox 360 is in the bedroom, and i don't have any space to move around in front of the TV.

edgeofblade2663d ago

All I know is that Natal gets skewered every time someone points out the lag. Funny though that no one really points out the Move's lag, which is still there and has video proof.

It's about the same as Natal... milliseconds, but noticeable.

My money is STILL on the Move for being more relevant to gaming overall, but it will ultimately come down to the games, NEITHER of which have shown anything that really lights my fire.

rob60212663d ago

The problem with Lag on Natal is, this is something that currently seems to plague the eyetoy - PSeye type technology. There's a lot of calculations that must be done in real-time, so it's hard to avoid it. Microsoft is trying to prove it's different than PSeye, but if there's lag it's hard to see controlling with your body being of practical use for gaming other than a party game where precision is overlooked - no different than Eyetoy. Both may have lag, but it's more damaging to Natal than it is to Move, because things in game that require timely button presses still can be achieved through the wand.

Redempteur2663d ago

The thing is ...M$ is not the only one that may comeup with suprises..
if a big game is annonced for natal ..that may incite sony to show off more as well to limit the "splash" done ...

And at least sony have game to show with move.. i keep hearing fable 3 but ..i just can't seem to understand how a action rpg like thta can work with natal ...molyneux can prove me wrong of course ... but so far i don't have any faith in natal ,milo or molyneux itself

( hope some indy dev will make something awesome with it ( natal or move ) and shake E3 ( literrally )

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coolcole932663d ago

I'm pretty sure you can play that exact game on Eye Toy play 1.

Omega42663d ago

They are going to show it at their E3 conference. If everything was revealed the day before they wouldn't have any surprises

Plus MS said there will be visual assets released after the conference.

mrv3212663d ago

Well most people think Natal was pre-move, I've been hearing rumours of this since 2007 so yeah, after three years of polish how much can be added in the next month?

BU...BU... wait for Microsoft, why is this a trend, waiting? I mean, unless thay show Natal online on XBOX live then it's a failure, the xbox has grown up around the online without it there wouldn't be a 360 so if Natal doesn't support this then what's the point in it?

Since Natal has been hinted at since 2007 prior to it's announcement by 2 years I HIGHLY doubt that there could be much Microsoft would surprise us with.

Inside_out2663d ago

LOL...whats going on M$...a couple more wks and you don't want to share...Hmmmm....Doesn't M$ have an ENTIRE day put aside for Natal...Must be because they have nothing to show...Man, I hope they don't have some secret thingy thats going to ruin Sony's day...Hmmmm...

TreMillz2663d ago

And Kevin is gonna show us how its done...

Christopher2663d ago

I'm hoping that Natal has a big showing at E3 that shows us that it can do more than just casual games. If it doesn't, I think any interest I have in it will completely fly out the window.

It's very refreshing to see Sony come out with PS Move the way they have, though I think they could be a bit stronger by getting more third-parties involved in implementing the device as an option into their games. But, definitely a much stronger presence than Natal for me even with just their PS Move-only games.

eggbert2663d ago

There are some games that are already confirmed to have move support along with DS3.

Socom 4
Resident Evil 5

Probably some others will be revealed later

Christopher2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

***There are some games that are already confirmed to have move support along with DS3. ***

I said more third-parties involved. So far, there's one third-party involved, Capcom, and on a game that is already released. The other two games are first/second-party titles.

Neither Natal or PS Move will go as far as they can unless they get third-party support. If they don't, both will just become first-party options that will serve to likely take money away from the possibilities of developing more first-party hardcore games for the general populace.

Parapraxis2663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

Sony put off the spring launch of Move to give them time to garner more 3rd party support and a more robust lineup.

3rd party developers making Move games (supporting the peripheral):

Confirmed Move titles:

Speaking of 3rd party games, I'm interested to see how Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 (EA Sports) plays with Move.

saint_john_paul_ii2663d ago

Tiger woods 10 is gonna play like a charm with move.

rob60212663d ago

Already got Woods11 pre-ordered, I'm really hoping it will outdo the wii motion+ version for accuracy instead of just copy/pasting what was done with wii.

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HolyOrangeCows2663d ago

Don't worry, I'm sure they'll have a spectacular concept video at E3 and plenty of "journalists" with full wallets from the natal screening to let us know how awesome it is.

BeaArthur2663d ago

The conspiracy theories get old.

BeaArthur2663d ago

I think they are just trying to keep it a secret so they can have a big unveiling. I don't really care though because I already have a Wii and it barely gets any use.

dc12663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

Yes, .. but they are mutually exclusive our wii has become a secondary Netflix devices that happens to have a waggle remote.
(By far the most usage of the devices in years.... not hating,.. but from a gaming perspective my son and I play more gameqube games on it than anything else)

I am interested in the Natal showing at E3 as MS has keep the product under tight wraps with very structured (closed) viewings.

zootang2663d ago

So when you had your sd television, you thought "ah well, i don't need hd i already have a sd set"

dc12663d ago (Edited 2663d ago )

I don't follow..

Are you asking why I don't play Wii games on my Wii?

By the way..for allegoristic disclosure. The Wii's on an HD TV.

Godmars2902663d ago

Its especially hard to understand given the vast amounts of hype they used in introducing it. The massive media blitz well outside the gaming industry that got it listed in Popular Mechanics.

GameOn2663d ago

Mechanics is an odd choice of word.

That is all.

Biggest2663d ago

Don't blame him. Blame Popular Mechanics. . . The magazine.

GameOn2663d ago

Ah, I thought he meant popular media but that makes sense now.