PlayStation Network Issues Update

Sony's Portal Manager Emmanuel Orssaud has posted up a PlayStation Network and Error Code 80029564 issues update today for those currently experiencing problems with the PSN Store.

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cwir2873d ago

I had this error when I tried to add funds to my account. And I tried multiple times until it went through. Hope they haven't charged me multiple times!

PimpHandHappy2873d ago

do they have those gift cards were your at or do you use a credit card?

TrailerParkSupervisr2872d ago

Does anyone else have to wait, like, 30 minutes when trying to "compare" your trophies to someone else? It drives me nuts! I back out after 10 minutes. It's like they don't sync.

I love my PS3 and would never trade it away and this is a minor issue, but still...

I will say, when I had the 360 being able to compare Gamerscores and games played took like 5 seconds.

the reason I like the feature is when I meet someone online and am thinking about tossing them a friend request, I like to see what they have under their belt first.

zireno2872d ago

If you are using a wireless connection you should try to connect with an ethernet cable. I used to have this issue before I switched to a wired connection and now everything syncs within a few seconds, hope this help a bit.

Chubear2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

I use wireless connections always and, at most, it takes 7 to 8 secs to compare trophies (maybe up to 10sces if I meet someone in HOME) but normally, it takes about 3-4secs.

30mins to compare trophies is certainly a problem you should look into. Perhaps internet provider services differ case by case.

gamingisnotacrime2872d ago

just be sure to have the PS3 with over 80% of signal strenght from the router. I have my PS3 in the room next to where the router is and the connection strengh is 100% and i can compare trophies in seconds.
Using the wired option is the safest bet anyway

kerrak2872d ago

Wireless connection can slow down trophy comparison.
Also it is slower if there are lots of trophies to show.
But anyway, if your general online experience is correct, then 30 mins for comparing is a completely different problem.
Do you keep always your ps3 on standby? If it's the case maybe a simple power off / power on could do the trick.
Dont laugh for this one: open the web browser, close it.
As a last resort you can check your open ports on your router, maybe it has something to do with your issue.
Hope it helps.

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MGOelite2872d ago

2-3 seconds for me on a wireless connection

bigrob1232873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

i had the issue too, thaught i might of been broke lol but i had no issue toppin my MS points on the 360, it was only a few hours l8r that i could top my psn wallet up

D4RkNIKON2872d ago

PSN won't take my debit card because the damn thing is so sensitive when filling put the billing info. I have to buy PSN cards from local stores in order to shop the PS store.

Darkfocus2872d ago

I thought you can't use debit cards online, only credit cards?

zireno2872d ago

actually you can use debit cards on PSN I use mine all the time

Ahmay2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

you can only use credit card on psn...

RBdrift2872d ago

The only card I've ever used since the PSN has been available is my debit card and and have never had any issues.

taco_tom2372872d ago

same here lol i have to buy psn cards

NothingToGainButLove2872d ago

Same. My debit card gets rejected so I have to buy PSN cards instead. Its a minor inconvenience though. I just have to make sure I have funds in there in case I want to purchase anything.

KingKiff2872d ago

Debit cards won't be accepted.

Only VISA / Mastercard debit cards will be accepted.

NothingToGainButLove2872d ago

It is a VISA debit card just so you know...

D4RkNIKON2872d ago

To all of you that say debit cards don't work.. Mine used to work until my billing info changed and I got a new card. It is a visa also. It is really inconvenient too because I have to put $20 in my wallet at a time and I can't do it from the comfort of my couch..

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