PS3 Other O/S Lawsuit

Last week, a class action lawsuit was filed against Sony Computer Entertainment America for the removal of the 'Other OS' functionality originally included in all PlayStation 3 consoles. The feature, which allowed users to install the Linux operating system, was removed through a firmware update for the PS3 in March.

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cwir2818d ago

It says in T&C that Sony has the right to remove any of the features from the system if it causes security problems or something. I don't think this lawsuit has a chance. It sucks that Sony removed 'Other OS' but I sort of understand their point. And I wasn't using it anyway so...

PyReX-2818d ago

Yea me neither, I'm sure a lot of people didn't really use that feature.

Lucreto2818d ago

It doesn't have a chance the lawyers probably only took the case as there is a chance Sony will settle out of court. If it does go to court and Sony wins the lawyers get paid either way.

Hotel_Moscow2818d ago

depends if their the kind of lawyers that get paid only if they win

VileAndVicious2818d ago

not that SONY are saints or anything but like 8 out of 10 people even knew that you could even install another OS. And Im sure even less actually opted to use it.

Now just because it was removed people want to bitch about it. Crazy man. Just crazy...