The Playstation Move won't get sheathed

Head of SCE Shuhei Yoshida has come out and said that unlike its Nintendo counterpart, the Move won't get a rubber covering.

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Gmarino2992d ago

Obviously Sony is confident that the PS-Move won't require any kind of Rubber coating. So we can assume that the texture will have enough grip without rubber and that it will be pretty grease and smudge proof.

I hope this is the case.

M-Easy2992d ago

Well 1st we'll have to see if Move will be worth owning. Aww who am I kidding I buy all Sony's crap. my PS Eye is soooo dusty. And don't get me started on my worthless controller keyboard thingy.

JustTheFactsMr2992d ago

Look at the shape in the pictures. Like a axe handle and sort of like a baseball bat. In that both above and below your hand is a wider portion to keep it in place.

bshubinsky2992d ago

My main concern is that despite the shape and the soft rubber orb, the rest of it is probably hard plastic. With the upcoming fighting game, I can't imagine it *wouldn't* slip out by accident.