THQ confirms Darksiders 2, Saint's Row 3 and Warhammer: Space Marines for FY2012

THQ sees itself on track regarding it's planned releases for the next two years.

At the same time, THQ-CCO Farrell points at E3 2010 THQ-presentation.

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chak_2937d ago (Edited 2937d ago )

SR 2 was fun despite being ugly. More fun than GTA 4 stupidness-wise.

Looking forward to that 3rd, with a good engine it could be a blast

Daver2937d ago

Darksiders 2 in 2012?! loll that seems appropriate but i want it before that loll. The first one was really good

bigrob1232937d ago

brilliant game i thaught one of the best hack an slash i played this year